Marketing Doctor

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Marketing Doctor is a woman-owned, award-winning media planning and buying agency with annual revenues of $5M+. I worked on a large number of campaigns including Facebook posts and Canva templates for account reps, outdoor billboards, logo identity design, packaging design, brochures, business collateral, and animations and videos for social media.

Campaign Case Study 1

I was asked to update the client's Facebook pages and create a unified look for the posts. Once the overall look and color scheme was approved I translated the Photoshop post mock-ups into Canva templates for the account reps who create posts on a daily basis. I carried the visual theme across business collateral and outdoor billboard campaigns.

Campaign Case Study 2

This was another Facebook makeover. In this case, the client was a national brand with a logo and a col,or scheme but no overall style guide. For the Facebook page and posts I looked at their current marketing materials and used those as a basis for determining fonts and styles.

Email Graphics Templates