Marie's Haitian Specialties

graphic design

Project description

Marie’s Haitian is a specialty food brand that brings the authentic flavors of Haiti to the States. The company’s first, and signature, product is the Pikliz in a 12 oz. jar. I designed the logo utilizing the colors of the Haitian flag, and chose fonts that both articulated the “woman-behind-the-recipe” and “homemade” flavor quality of the product and reflected the cultural flair of the island. The client wanted to emphasize the wholesomeness of the ingredients in the Pikliz so I photographed them with soft backlighting so that they took precedence on the label without de-emphasizing the type and logo elements. We are currently updating the client’s website and adding packaging designs for new products.

Project details

Category: Branding, Packaging

Client: Marie’s Haitian Specialties

Created: 2016-2018