graphic design
Project description

This was a re-branding project through Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics of New Jersey and Marketing Doctor of Northampton, MA. The former product, Baritracks, was outdated and under-performing as nutritional supplement products for bariatric patients. I redesigned the logo by incorporating an active, celebratory figure, and chose (and altered) fonts that emphasize both the aspects of “slim” and the fullness of the vitamin quotient.
I chose a simple layout for the vitamin boxes, packets, and shake labels with easy-to-read fonts, an emphasized logo (which reflects the nature of the product well), and a muted color scheme that highlights the brand. My goal was to design the packaging to be taken seriously among the other similar brands on the shelves of Walgreens with a clean, easily-recognizable format, and to appeal to the core audience of women through the addition of active curves that become windows for the “flavor” photography.

Project details

Category: Graphic Design

Client: Slimvita/Marketing Doctor

Created: 2018